Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Menu, Week 10

As I am preparing for my trip to France, I was telling my good friend C. that I might skip publishing the Weekly Menu until I come back at the end of the Summer. "I am not sure people use them", I told her. She then replied "oh, I do use them: I don't make them entirely but I steal some of your ideas in a way to add more diversity to my weekly cooking". This is the way I am hoping that these Weekly Menus are used: picking up one idea here or there and including it in your weekly cooking. If you were doing that, that would be a great start towards healthier nutrition habits! And when it comes to healthier habits, we all have improvements to make! Oui, oui... One of my mom's cousins was visiting over the last 10 days... It was her first trip to the US so she came with a very fresh eye to this country. I asked her what immediately caught her eyes: "people eat all the time", " people are more overweight/obese", "there is more packaging to the food you purchase" and "people dress in very different ways." were her fist comments... The "people eat all the time" is what we should all focus on! N'est-ce-pas? Having a Weekly Menu plan will help you towards this!  Bonne Cuisine!

Weekly Menu - Week 10

Day Suggested Menu

Monday Stuffed Tomatoes with Quinoa
Homemade Plain Yogurt with Chestnut Spread
Fresh Fruits

Tuesday Coleslaw with Socca
Cherry Clafoutis

Wednesday Scallops with Leeks and Orzo
Homemade Plain Yogurt with Honey
Fresh Fruits

Thursday Lentils with Vegetables with green Salad
Orange Salad

Friday Kale Chips
Buckwheat Galettes
Homemade Plain Yogurt with Brown Sugar
Fresh Fruits

Game Plan:
Sunday Evening:
  • You want to make the Stuffed Tomatoes. They are very good re-heated.
  • If you are making your own yogurt, make your weekly batch on Sunday evening.
Monday Evening:
  • If you have not made the Stuffed Tomatoes, you have to make them tonight. They have to be in the oven for about 45 minutes. 20 minutes before serving, make the quinoa. 
  • Stuffed tomatoes make great leftovers so don't hesitate to make more. Same with quinoa.
Tuesday Evening:
  • You have to make the whole dinner. No need to panic.
  • Start by making the Socca batter. It will rest while you prepare the other dishes.
  • After the socca batter, make the Clafoutis. You don't have to make them in individual servings. You can make a large dish.
  • While the Clafoutis is in the oven, make the Coleslaw. As soon as the Clafoutis are done, put your skillet/dish in the oven and increase the temperature to make the socca.
Wednesday Evening:
  • You only have to make the scallops with leeks and Orzo. This is one of my emergency dinner so it won't take much time to make. Start with cleaning the leeks if you don't have frozen ones.
Thursday Evening:
  • You have to make the Lentils and the Orange salad. Start by making the lentils.
  • While they cook, make the orange salad. For the sake of time efficiency, don't make a start anise syrup but use honey instead.
  • If you are feeling zealous, you could make the buckwheat batter tonight for the galettes.
Friday Evening:
  • You have to make the buckwheat batter as early as possible in the day if you have not made it on Thursday evening.
  • While the batter rests, start prepping the fillings for the crepes (mushrooms, onions, etc.)
  • While the fillings are cooking, you can make the Kale chips.
  • Relax, it's Friday!

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