Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buckwheat Crepes - Galette de Sarrasin

As I already said in my post on Sweet Crêpes, Galettes de Sarrasin, made with Buckwheat flour, are my favorite savory crêpes. I find them really easy to make and when it comes to what goes in, options are unlimited. The most common is the Galette Complète: oeuf-jambon-fromage (or sunny-side-up egg, ham and Swiss cheese)... but you could really make your own combination. Examples include : just plain with salted butter, blue-cheese and walnuts, creamy mushrooms, bacon and leeks, smoked salmon with dill and crème fraîche, etc, etc...
In France, you can find already-made galettes at the supermarket or you can even find frozen stuffed ones... but nothing beats the home-made from scratch, évidemment!
True, the batter has to rest a little bit so it can not really be a last-minute meal to prepare. However, if you are doing a little bit of meal-planning, you could definitively make the batter the night before. Or whip it up in the morning before leaving because, it takes about 5 minutes to make! I know 5 extra minutes in the morning feel like luxury... because everybody is going crazy rushing in the morning. However, let me say that you would gain tremendous peace of mind during the day/early evening if you already knew what you were going to make for dinner that evening. Do the math : 5 extra minutes in the morning vs. daylong what-am-I-going-to-cook-back-in-the-mind-constant-questioning? Easy answer, non? Besides, since everybody gets to pick their filling, you are on for an easy-peaceful-dinner-time! How much is that worth? Franchement? Bon Appétit!

For about 8 galettes
- 200 gr (7 oz) Buckwheat flour
- 50 gr (1.8 oz) AP flour
- 2 eggs
- 500 ml  (17 Fl oz) ( milk (or a mix of buttermilk and milk)
- 500 ml (17 Fl oz) water
- Pinch of salt
- Butter (to cook)

  • Mix in the flours and salt and the two eggs. Mix well.
  • Add milk and water to achieve the consistency of pancake batter.
  • Cover with cloth and let rest for at least 2 hours. 
Make the galettes:
  • Over medium-heat, in a flat skillet, melt a little bit of butter. Take a paper towel and spread the butter so that a fine layer stays on the skillet.
  • Pour one ladle of batter, turning the skillet at the same time so that the batter spreads evenly.
  • Cook for at least 2 minutes on first side. You'll be able to flip the galette without shredding it if it has cooked enough. 
  • Flip it over and cook for another minute
  • Add filling and close/bend the edges to serve.
  • Butter the pan again and cook the next galette.

My Personal Comments:
  • I pre-cook the sunny-side-ups eggs in another skillet so that they are already cooked when I need to lay them on the galette. I find that it takes too long if I wait for the egg to cook directly on the galette.
  • I pre-cook all the veggies I would use for filling  (creamy mushrooms, leeks, etc.)
  • You can keep the batter for another day in the fridge if you don't use it all.
  • You could make the galettes ahead of time, keep them under aluminum foil and reheat them as you put the filling in. I have done it a few times to gain time in the evening. 


  1. Great post! I have tried ready-made crepes but agree that nothing compares with the fresh homemade variety. Crepes are also very cost-efficient; we have done the math and found that plain crepes can be made for as little as 8 cents each! Would you consider sharing an idea for my kid's recipe page? Or, I'd love your thoughts on the best crepe recipe in the world. We're got some friendly dialogue on the subject and being French, your opinion would be most welcome by my visitors. Best wishes, Ashley

  2. These look wonderful! I made crepes the other day, but they were the very white, sweet, unhealthy variety! I love the heartiness of buckwheat and now that I'm on a crepe kick I am going to have to make these. And for me, no savory crepe is complete without a fried egg, so these are perfect. Thanks!

  3. Gaelle, you AMAZE me!!! Oh my gosh, these look awesome. I have buckwheat flour and have made crepes with them but never with fillings like this. So making this!!