Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Menu - Week 3

Here we are again! It seems like I wrote the last Weekly Menu yesterday. It has been a week already! For SAH parents, there is sometimes this feeling that days are very long (especially if the children don't take anymore naps)... but on the other
hand, weeks go by in no time!  I am sure that WAO parents feel the same way. For different reasons maybe...La relativité du temps qui passe...
With a view to helping parents deal with the daily cooking chores, here is another Weekly Menu.  Please, don't think that you can not make it because the first dish is Boeuf Bourguignon or because you might not know of some of the other dishes. Trust me. It's worth going to the supermarket this week-end to purchase  chickpeas flour, kasha grains, Swiss chard and a lot of coconut (flour, flakes and milk!!). You won't regret it! Besides, you might end up serving new easy  food that your family will love this week, making it easier on you for the future. For example, I did not know what Socca was until last year. Since then, I make it at least once a month. As usual, I built up this menu so that you could fit in emergency pasta-take-out or  processed food! Bonne Cuisine!

 Weekly Menu - Week 3

Day Suggested Menu

Monday Boeuf Bourguignon with steamed potatoes
Plain Yogurt with honey
Fresh Fruits

Tuesday Buckwheat Kasha with Mushrooms and Onions with Green Salad
Coconut Macaroons

Wednesday Swiss Chard Soup with Socca
Plain Yogurt with dark brown sugar
Fresh Fruits

Thursday Tuna Curry with Vegetables and Rice
Plain Yogurt with homemade Apple Sauce

Friday Ham and Olives Savory Cake with Green salad
Plain Yogurt with chestnut spread
Fresh Fruits

Game Plan:
Sunday Evening:

  • You want to make the Boeuf Bourguignon on Sunday evening. It's not difficult at all (go and read all the comments of some of my friends who made it). It just takes a while to cook. To speed up things, you could use regular onions instead of pearl onions. The taste might be slightly different but at least you won't spend 20 minutes weeping in the kitchen. Since it's Sunday, you could ask for help to peal and cut the veggies!
  • You could make it with steamed (boiled) potatoes or pasta (egg noodles are great). I chose not to publish the recipe with pasta so that you could have a "pasta emergency dinner" during the week if need be!
  • A serving of frozen green beans on the side would also be great.
Monday Evening:

  • You just have to prepare the side dish for the ?Boeuf Bourguignon as it heats up: egg noodle, potatoes and/or green beans. I chose not to publish the recipe with pasta so that you could have a "pasta emergency dinner" during the week if need be!
  • If you have time, you could make the apple sauce for Thursday evening. You can keep the apple sauce in the fridge for up to 5 days. The recipe calls for rhubarb and banana... but you can use whatever fruits you have (pears, strawberries, etc.) or just plain apples (with/without cinnamon).
  • The Boeuf Bourguignon makes a great leftover for lunch (if you can reheat it)
Tuesday Evening:

  • Make the Macaroons first. They are very easy to make but are even easier if you let the dough rest for 15-30 mn in the fridge before laying the macaroons on parchment paper.  If you are up for a little mess, you can ask your children for help to scoop the macaroons! Macaroons are also best eaten fresh so it's not a great idea to make them the day before.
  • While the macaroons are in the fridge (or in the oven), prepare the kasha. You want to cook the mushrooms and onions first; kasha cooks in less than 15 minutes. 
  • If your children don't eat green salad, you can always give them cucumber or avocado.
  • Just after dinner, prepare the socca batter. Italians like to let it rest overnight (I generally make it in the morning or early afternoon for dinner). It takes 5 minutes to make so don't think that you don't have the time!
  • Kasha makes a great leftover if you can reheat your lunch.
Wednesday Evening:

  • You have to make the Swiss chard soup and cook the socca. Start pre-heating your oven for the socca as you start the soup.
  • If you are opting for the Caramelized Onions socca, start with caramelizing the onions. It takes a while. If you are just serving it plain (or with green onions), just start making the Swiss Chard soup.
  • The Swiss chard soup is really easy to make and takes less than 30 minutes.
  • 15 mns before dinner, make the first batch of socca and make the 2nd/3rd batch afterwards.
  • If you are feeling zealous, and have not made the Apple Sauce on Monday evening, you can make it on Wednesday.
Thursday Evening:

  • If you have not made the Apple Sauce before, you have to make it on Thursday evening together with the Tuna Curry. 
  • If you have to make both, start with the apple sauce: while it cooks, you'll cook the curry and rice.
  • The curry takes less than 30mns to make. You could add whatever vegetables you have in place of/in addition to yellow squash. Zucchinis and snow peas are great.
  • While you start sauteing the vegetables and tuna, prepare the rice.
  • The tuna dish makes a great leftover if you can reheat your lunch.
Friday Evening:

  • It's Friday. Pressure is off.  You can take the time to make the Ham & Olives Savory pound cake. Since the batter requires beer, you can drink the rest while you finish up cooking the cake!
  • If your children don't eat green salad, you can always give them a few cucumber slices or carrots. Any raw veggies would do it.
  • The leftover cake is great to take on a pique-nique on Saturday instead of sandwiches.

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  1. Seriously, how good does this all sound? I need to follow your example and get a game plan.