Monday, March 8, 2010

Meyer Lemons and Mint Lemonade

Des envies de soleil! That how I felt the other day when we were still under the snow, feeling like we were living in Alaska... Seeing beautiful Meyer lemons at the fruits stand (they are always in season somewhere in the US, aren't they?), I was immediately drawn to them. Since they were on sale (score!), I could not resist purchasing two full bags. I am sure I had Meyer lemons in one way (lemonade) or another (dessert) while living in San Francisco but it's not until I came to live on the East Coast that I really tasted them for what they really are: juicy, almost sweet with edible skin!
A few years ago, my dear friend P. had us over and one of her friends had mailed her Meyer lemons from Arizona. I recall thinking that P. was really lucky to have friends who grow their own Meyer lemons and who would go as far as shipping some to Pennsylvania. Actually, it is one American habit that I love : people sending food to relatives and friends across the country...Sure, my parents and relatives never come empty-ended when they cross the Atlantic ocean to visit us... but it feels different. Somehow, my cornichons, Savora or crème de marrons do not compete with home-grown Meyer lemons from Arizona!

P. had made citronnade with her fresh Meyer lemons and I remember loving it. Since it was really the fist time I was holding a true Meyer lemon in my hand, I can't stop thinking of P. whenever I see Meyer lemons around me. P. passed away from breast cancer last year after a long battle. Losing a friend like her, even though we were not very close, has been very hard for me. Harder than I thought it would be, vraiment... and I still miss her today...  But knowing P. and her love for life and food, I have come to honoring her whenever I use Meyer lemons in my cuisine. I'm sure she would have approved!  Cooking with Meyer lemons always brings me back to that beautiful sunny afternoon when we all drank lemonade made with her fresh-from-Arizona Meyer lemons. I can't remember how she made hers... so this recipe is not P.'s recipe. It's mine. The Meyer lemons came from California, not Arizona. They were purchased at the supermarket (I don't know anybody who grow their own Meyer lemons, do you?)... but the lemonade did taste really good. My children loved helping me make it (stirring sugar and taking as many little sips as possible, that is).. and we all enjoyed drinking it! I could not help myself but think of P. and her family when having the first sip. And I will never stop thinking of her when I see/purchase Meyer lemons in the future. And no matter how cold the weather will be outside, it would always feel like Summer! Bon Appétit!
- 6 Meyer lemons
- Light Brown Cane Sugar
- Fresh Mint

  • Juice all lemons
  • Add sugar to taste
  • Add fresh mint and let sip for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.
My Personal Comments
  • It tastes even better the next day because the mint flavor is stronger
  • That's one of the few drinks I enjoy with ice!


  1. ok! As soon as the snow stop here, I'll think about summer thanks to your recipe!

  2. The smell of those lemons upon opening the box from AZ was always the best part-- what great memories and a very beautiful tribute to P. Looking forward to re-creating this drink with your recipe. Thank you!

  3. Makes me want to run out in the windy, cold night to pick some meyer lemons. I'll refrain and wait until morning, which means I'll have to wait another 24 hours to get the total minty impact.

  4. Could do with some colder weather hear myself. We are in the middle of a drought and lots of bush fires. I think all over the weather is a little bit much this year