Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lighter Fares for After The Holidays ;)

There won't be any recipe today, at least not a new one. I have two good reasons why not. The first one is that most of you will be spending tomorrow, Christmas Day and days after with friends and/or families... and that with a schedule full of cooking, gifts wrapping, gifts unwrapping, game playing and maybe a little walk outside, most of you will be dying to get on Facebook to escape and upload your pictures away from your screens (Really? How long can you be away from a screen these days (computer, cell phone?) Honestly?)...

The second reason is that I have been laying flat on my bed for the lat 3 days, because of a bad back that decided, once more, to give me a good excuse not to do anything let me down. As a result, I stayed away from the kitchen (my husband took over!)... and did not have any spare recipe to share with you today. So, if by any chance you were wandering through cyberspace looking for something else to exchange Aunt's Ada tasteful gift for cook, then , here is a list of some easy-to-make on-the-healthy-side recipes I published in the last three months this blog has been on. Thanks to you! Just for you! Merci!
Happy Holidays to all of you... and remember, cooking from scratch is your best option, No.Matter.What! (Sorry, I really had to say it again!)

Vegetarian dishes:

- Lentils : it's easy to make, it's very healthy. You can serve them "as is" or with rice.
- Kasha: my newest discovery and already a favorite in my family. Something new (or not so new for some of you!) to feed your kids.
- Socca : my first newest discovery of this blog existence. It's perfect for a light dinner, together with a salad on the side.

- Butternut Squash Soup...because, it's so easy to make with butternut or pumpkin that you don't want to miss it.
- Swiss Chard Soup... for something different, yet very good.
- Watercress Soup... my favorite so far.

- Salmon with Edamame and Soba noodles: remember, salmon is lighter than any meat dish!
- Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta if you can not not cook pasta!

Since I'm sure that you had more than enough sugar, the only thing I could suggest is just a nice home-made apple sauce!

See you soon!

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