Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp and Lima Beans

As I try to balance our meals over the course of one week (more on that in an another post), I have come to serve shrimp about every other week in different settings. This recipe is made with Angel Hair pasta, which as a child, we would only eat cut in my grand-mother's bouillons (soups)!! So it was quite an experience to start cooking them in a real pasta dish!  Spaghetti could be a good substitute but I like the finesse of Angel Hair pasta better in this dish.
As usual, I try to add a vegetable in the dish. This time, I used Lima beans in addition to onion and green onions. Bon Appétit!

- Angel Hair Pasta, whole grain preferably
- Shrimp (about 5-6 small shrimp per child, 10 per adult)
- A small onion minced
- 1 cup of frozen Lima beans (fresh would be better!!)
- Green onions (2-3 stems), sliced
- Olive oil, salt and fresh black pepper.
    • In a saute pan, saute the onion in olive oil. Add the shrimp until fully cooked.
    • Add the green onions and the Lima beans about 3 minutes before serving.
    • In a larger pan, boil some water with salt (or your preferred bouillon). Add the Angel Hair pasta and cook according to packaging instruction (or to your liking).
    • Mix the pasta into the shrimp mix.
    • Add salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.
    • Serve while hot...
    My personal comments:
    • I generally use uncooked frozen shrimp. I tend to use the smaller ones when I cook them in pasta or with rice. If you purchase the cooked ones, the recipe takes even less time to prepare!
    • Frozen Lima beans cook in no time so it's best to add them at the last minute so that they are not too mushy...
    • I like to add green onions in this recipe. The kids tend not to notice it too much since they look like the Lima beans (which they like better)...
    • If I have leftovers, I put it in my child's thermos to eat for lunch the following day.


    1. I like this one! Will definitely try it!

    2. Just discovered this site. Looks great I'll come back. Well done!

    3. this was delish!! Thank you!