Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Buckwheat Galettes with Smoked Salmon - Sourdough recipe

My French children take bread for granted (well, they are French afterall!!) The fact that I started making my own baguettes and boules with sourdough starter (aka levain in French) did not strike them as crazy strange. We have to have bread, so either we purchase it (our two favorite places in Philadelphia are Fork Etc. and Metropolitan Bakery) or we make it. The choice is easy, n'est-ce-pas?
They actually think that making baguettes or boules is fun, especially when Bubulle (nickname of our sourdough starter) makes too many bubbles and overflows its container! They know that I use Bubulle to make bread. It's part of their daily diet. Nothing to write home about!
Because I don't make bread everyday, I have sometimes too much starter and because I don't like disregarding this little wonder, I have been looking for more recipes to use Bubulle. I have also given some to friends of mine who wanted to take the leap into homebread making and we are all looking for more recipes (it's sort of an obsession!!)
Mini buckwheat galettes are one of our favorite recipes with sourdough starter beyond bread. My children do find it great that we can make something different with Bubulle. They love this recipe, which reminds them of pancakes and savory galettes. Mini galettes topped with smoked salmon and cappers. Un vrai régal. I could feed them the mini galettes everyday... and I know that it's going to be a smooth dinner if I offer them! No reason why not to make Bubulle double or triple in size when we can have mini-galettes in no time (and no effort!)! Bon Appétit!
For 8 mini-galettes:
- 100 gr sourdough starter
- 160 gr  buckwheat flour
- 80 ml buttermilk
- 240ml  milk (or water)
- Pinch of salt

  • Combine the sourdough starter with buttermilk and flour. Add milk and stir until you get a smooth dough (like pancake). Set to rest for one hour. Add pinch of salt.
  • Over medium heat, spread a laddle-full of dough onto a pan.
  • Cook for about 2-3 minutes on one side. When you feel that you can flip it over without shredding the mini galette, flip it over and let cook for another minute.
  • Serve with smoked salmon.

My Personal Comments

  • I don't like them cold... but my children don't mind so I put some in their lunchbox the next day.
  • If you make tiny tiny ones, you could use them as munchies for a cocktail/aperitif
  • You could put something else on top: cheese, mushrooms, etc.

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