Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tarte Tatin

Voila one of the most famous French desserts : more famous than the Mousse au Chocolat but maybe tied with the Crème Brûlée, at least in the US. La Tarte Tatin happens to be one of my husband's favorite desserts... but unfortunately, as he would claim, we I don't make it often. I don't really know why because it's not that difficult. Sure, it's a little bit time-consuming and can't really baked in advance (or at least, I don't dare to do it)... but the rest is just dough + caramelized apples... so nothing fancy there. Trust me! AND please, no-store-bought crust for this dessert. You might have saved time but you would have spoilt the dessert....(don't tell me I did not warn you!).
I made this Tarte Tatin for a dinner we hosted a few weeks ago. Since there were only 3 of us eating that evening, there was Tarte Tatin left on the kitchen counter. On Sunday morning, our son came to our bedroom and one of the first things he asked was " c'est quoi ce qui est sur la table de la cuisine?"I had forgotten about the Tarte Tatin. I thought he meant his "pâte à sel" objects  (sort of playdough made of salt and flour) that needed to be baked to solidify before being painted. So I told him that he had to wait because it was not cooked. He insisted, talking about the other plate... but since it was too early and I had no idea of what he was talking about, I asked him to wait until I got ready for breakfast...  I should have known my son better (he is his dad's mignature in a way): he is very fast when it comes to spotting something sweet that can be eaten!!! 
So, Tarte Tatin for breakfast? Mais oui...I could not say no, n'est-ce-pas? And you can be sure that the Tarte Tatin did not survive past breakfast! I guess that la Tarte Tatin might now be my son's favorite desserts as well... (my daughter liked it as well to tell you the truth but she did not spend 5 minutes at 7.30am (that's early for a Sunday morning, no?) trying to make me explain "what was on the table.") Bon Appétit!

For the crust:
- 1 stick plus two tablespoons cold salted butter (5 ounces), cut into small cubes and chilled in freezer
- 1 1/2 cup flour
- A pinch of salt- 3 to 6 tablespoons iced water

For the filling:
- 7 medium apples (firm apples and flavorful). Purchase more than you would need because they tend to "shrink while cooking.
- 1 stick (4 ounces or 110gr ) salted butter
 - 1 cup sugar
  • Prepare the dough:
    • Put the flour in a bowl and make a well ; add the butter and mix in so that you reach pea-size pieces.
    • Add the water, one teaspoon at a time. 
    • Don't overwork the dough, especially with your warm hands. Wrap in plastic film and cool it in the freezer for one hour or more.
  • Prepare the filling:
    • In a pan/dish that can go in the oven, put the sugar and butter (in pieces).
    • Once melted, add the apple pieces. Make sure to add more because they will shrink. It does not matter at this stage if some pieces are on top of each other.
    • Cook over medium-heat for 20mn until the sugar turns to caramel. 
  • Pre-heat oven to 375F
  • Take the dough from the fridge and roll it (over flour-covered surface) into a disc that will be bigger than your pan/dish.
  • When you are ready to bake the tarte, lay the dough over the apples and place in the oven.
  • Cook for about 25-30ms.
  • Flip over a serving dish with caution.
  • Serve while still warm.
My Personal Comments:
  • Make sure to purchase firm apples.
  • Some people add one tablespoon of sugar in the dough; I don't because the caramel is so sweet that you don't need extra sugar.
  • You could make the dough in a food processor but you want to make sure that the blade/bowl are cold when you make it.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe! I made a cake! It is delicious!